Pixword INTERACTIVE Crosswords Set 1

Pixword INTERACTIVE Crosswords Set 1

Looking for something completely different?

PIXWORD puzzles are traditional 15x15 symmetric grid crosswords but with visual clues rather than text. Some are fairly easy to solve, but many are not. Each image represents the solution you need and could be a noun, adjective, verb, singular or plural. Solutions can also be collective nouns, catchphrases, synonyms or even visual puns.

All images can be enlarged to enhance clarity using a magnifier icon and then reduced again by clicking the enlarged image. If you still require more help just click the info icon for a prompt. Please note, however, that this extra help is only available for some images and becomes less frequent as you progress through the puzzles. 

With 50 puzzles and over 1400 image clues, this collection guarantees hours of challenging fun. Give our interactive crosswords a try right now by creating an account to access the free samples.

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